Investing in Oregon, not Wall Street.

The State of Oregon deposits billions of our tax dollars into the same “Too Big To Fail” banks that crashed our economy. Oregonians for a State Bank believes that we should bring that money home, and invest it into creating jobs here.

Building a Movement for a More Resilient Local Economy.

OfSB, along with our allies the Oregon Working Families, the Main Street Alliance, Oregon Action, the Rural Organizing Project and many others have organized and advocated for proposals aimed at creating a State Bank, modeled after the Bank of North Dakota which has been in successful operation for over 90 years. We continue to be leaders in the fight for a more self-sufficient and resilient local economy in the state of Oregon.

Eat Local. Buy Local. Bank Local. 

Oregon’s economy continues to be far too vulnerable the ups and downs of Wall Street banks.  Currently 66% of all bank deposits in the state of Oregon–both public and private–are held by just five mega-banks.  If we want to create a truly local economy, we need to break this dependence.  To find out what you and your community can do to “bank local” visit our friends at Oregon Banks Local.

Latest Updates

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